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Bríd McNamee

Director of Operations and Financial Analyst

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Bríd is a results-driven professional with a dual role as Director of Operations and Financial Analyst, bringing a unique blend of operational expertise and financial acumen to Key Patent Innovations (KPI). With a proven track record of optimizing processes and driving financial performance, Bríd is a key asset in the pursuit of operational excellence.

As the Director of Operations, Bríd is responsible for strategic planning, process improvement, and ensuring the seamless execution of day-to-day activities across the company.  In her role as a Financial Analyst, Bríd leverages her risk-based analytical skills to provide valuable insights that drive sound financial decision-making. Her ability to interpret complex financial data will be instrumental in guiding KPI towards sustainable growth. 

Prior to joining KPI, Bríd worked with State Street Bank. With a strong academic foundation in finance and risk management, she honed her skills through hands-on experience working on some of the most reputable hedge funds in the industry. Her career journey, spanning almost two decades, saw her rise through the ranks of the global financial institution within the Alternatives Hedge Funds division. Starting in a Fund Accounting Administration team in the Net Asset Valuations (NAV) department, she was responsible for overseeing multiple hedge fund portfolios, reporting on the entire life cycle of the funds, from trade reconciliations through to the NAV calculations and ultimately, the rate of returns for issuance to investors. After a decade in NAV, she moved into more project-based roles working on a Migration & Integration team and subsequently becoming a Product Owner within the Business Technology team. Playing up to and maximising her organisational and operational strengths, she was responsible for delivering a dealing date reconciliation application for usage by global NAV teams. Progressing to a role in the Business Risk Management team, she became the Global Lead for Hedge NAV Policies & Procedures, ensuring that NAV teams operate in strict adherence to industry best practices and regulatory guidelines. In her final years at State Street, she was invited to return to her roots as a recon specialist overseeing a global project to introduce a new state of art reconciliation platform for the Hedge NAV & Private Equity divisions, with a primary goal of reducing reconciliation risk and maximising recon efficiencies across global NAV teams in the Alternatives Investment space. 

Bríd has a proven track record of conducting in-depth risk assessments to identify and evaluate potential operational threats. She is well-versed in various accounting software and systems, as well as the many aspects of operational and risk management. Her unique combination of operational leadership and financial expertise makes her an invaluable asset to the KPI organisation, driving growth and efficiency in a dynamic business landscape.

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